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Creative Football  as a team are honoured and delighted to be not just expanding our football offer but working in partnership with like minded, local businesses and organisations.
This is a fantastic opportunity to support the community and offer more activities alongside other projects existing in Borough.

  • Are you living with Parkinson's?

  • Recovering from the effects of a stroke or other neurological disorders?

  • Are you experiencing mobility issues or other long term health conditions?


Come join us and enjoy a mix of strength and balance exercises followed by a game of walking football.

This is not just about participants! It's for families, carers and professionals sharing stories, good practice and offering peer support to build a stronger community! 




A quote from our launch day:

"My Husband has Dementia and I have taken him everywhere with me for the past 6 years! This is the first time I have been able to leave him and do something simple, like go shopping."


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