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Creative Football took home the Kick It Out "promoting social inclusion" award at The North West Football Awards 2023!

We are now a multiple winner of this prestige's award!

As you all know we only went & won!

We are The Northwest awards kick it out "promoting inclusion" winners 2021 and now 2023!!!

We say it time and time again, we have not won this as a business. Every single participant, service user, volunteer & supporter this is your award!

The projects are not ours, they are the communities. You all make them the unique & special sessions what they are!

Now for promotion, we still continue to look and need supporters!

With out supporters/sponsors and unfortunately money these wellbeing & life saving sessions can't continue!

Please if anyone wants to jump on a special adventure like no other then get in touch & start the journey of #DoingThingsDifferent, you will not be disappointed. You will feel the rewards every single day seeing the impact & progression your money is supporting!

If you can't support us financially, then support us by giving this a share!

Big thanks to everyone, especially Together an Active Future & Sport England for their backing & support so far on this incredible journey!

#DontBeOnYerTod #FootballTherapy #CommunityProject #StrongerTogether #Unity


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